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When you sign up with Impressions, you get it all...

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This is where Impressions handles not only your warehousing of product, but distributor and retailer solicitations, orders and invoicing.


A dedicated, full-time person, making calls and feeding our distributor partners and retailers worldwide, information about your products on a daily basis during the normal running business hours.

Printer Recommendations

It's actually more than a recommendation as we've worked with printers that know how to deal specifically with board, card and role playing games.

Strategic Product Marketing

Taking company brand names and positioning them with a feel and relationship to the market. By educating your target market about your product, strategic product marketing relieves the strain of hardcore sales to distributors, retailers and consumers.

Public Relations (PR)

Impressions can utilize its relationships with websites, magazines and other media outlets to garner press on your company and its products.

Manufacturer's Rep

Impressions will take your product to distributors and demo them to the buyers, sales team and management. This face-to-face time is the highest impact of any of Impressions' services.

Consumer and Channel Marketing

Anything from sell sheets to traditional flyers, Impressions can get your product information out to the people that matter.


Get the most bang for your buck by having Flat River Group sell on E-Commerce platforms. Impressions is a divisional company of the E-Commerce juggernaut 'Flat River Group'. By having your inventory so close, they can sell on all major e-commerce platforms as well as get your product into most brick-&-mortar!

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