Impressions Shipping April 24th!

SFG028Impressions Shipping April 24th!

We have pirates!  We have monsters!  We have minions!  Nuff’ said.TWK2002











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Impression Shipping April 10th!

ODD100Impressions Shipping April 10th!

The world of Feudum awaits you!  Check out that box!  Just perfect for any retailer shelf to attract customers for instant sales.  Grab the base game and all the expansions to turn some pretty pennies.PFX700  And then put right next to it the hit follow up to “Herbaceous” from Pencil First — Grab the new “Sunset Over Water” to fulfill all your art happy customers.

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Impressions Shipping March 27th!

MUH051078Impressions Shipping March 27th!

It’s the frickin’ BORG CUBE BABY!  We are beyond super excited for this release, but make sure you know they are hand-made, short discounted and very expensive…but they come with everything!!!  OK.  Enough of that.  We do have a whole vat of other new releases, including Rise to Nobility from newcomer Final Frontier Games and wave 2 of the increasingly popular Halfsies Dice!  Get’em while we have’em!FFN2001!

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Impressions Shipping February 27th

MUH050206Impressions Shipping February 27th!

We have a lot of catching up to after getting back into the swing of things in January.  Check out all the new releases and great restocks coming your way!

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Impressions Shipping November 28th

SIF00020Impressions Shipping November 28th

Hot on the heels of the upcoming second printing of the hit “Gloomhaven” from Cephalofair, we have the officially licensed Removable Sticker Set from Sinister Fish!SFG027  Even though Gloomhaven will now hit retailers in January, there is enough buzz going around for the Sticker Set to be a great item to sell for the holidays.  Coupled with this, you will find a new Millennium Blades expansion and a new Red Dragon Inn expansion.

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Impressions Shipping November 14th!

JAS-UFSP01DImpressions Shipping November 14th!

Check out the latest from Jasco — a new, platinum series for the Universal Fighting System!  At the same time, grab some new minis for your Star Trek Adventures RPG as well as these cool new 0-Level *SCRATCH OFF* character sheets for the DCC RPG from Goodman Games.GMG5150

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Impressions Shipping October 31st

GRL3128Impressions Shipping October 31st!

Get ready for “King’s Road” – a new game from Grail Games & Reiner Knizia!  Add to that some really cool dice for the DCC RPG and upcoming Mutant Crawl Classics RPG from Goodman Games. PELGT43 Round it all off with some terrain for your Conan RPG and new supplements from Pelgrane Press for your Trail of Cthulhu RPG, and you have a lot of fun coming down the pipe!

Impressions Shipping October 17th!

MUH051061MUH051060Impressions Shipping October 17th!

Just imagine the most RPG joy ever and you have our releases for next week.  It’s crazy!  You have everyone releasing new RPG product — Goodman, Modiphius, Troll Lord, Khepera!  On top of all of this, you have STAR TREK coming your way.  Yes, Star Trek…If you’re not excited like we are then we don’t know what else to say.  Check out both the regular edition of Star Trek and the limited one while you see everything releasing next week!


Impressions Shipping October 3rd!

Impressions Shipping October 3rd!ORN100

From the creator of Resistance, comes “Abandon Planet”, the game about getting the hell off the planet before it blows up!L99-BCP01  Yes, it is just like it sounds!  Get a taste of excitement combined with a whole bunch of other releases — like the new “Conan RPG” from Modiphius, “Archmage Origins” from SolarFlare Games and another cool expansion from Level 99 Games for the hit game “Millennium Blades”.

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Impressions Shipping August 29th!

SFG026Impressions Shipping August 26th!

Get ready for the onslaught of releases after Gen Con.  It’s your favorite time of year — when game companies release everything at the same time!  We are starting things off with the new Red Dragon Inn 6 from SlugFest Games.  APE2900From there, you can see the details of every new release and restock in detail here.