Red Dragon Inn 1 and 3 Sold Out

All we can say is “amazing”.  The Red Dragon Inn series has been going like gangbusters.  We sold out of Red Dragon Inn 3 a few weeks ago and now Red Dragon Inn 1 is sold out.  We have already spoken with SlugFest Games and they are being reprinted as we speak and should be back in stock come June.

Free RPG Day 2012 Sold Out

Yup, that’s right.  Free RPG Day 2012 is sold out for retailer sign ups.  I want to thank everyone once again for their support and I hope the event goes well in the stores that are participating.  If you are interested in being put on the waiting list in case there are leftovers, please contact me directly:  (925) 240-0862 or

Back From ACD Games Day

For those retailers that did not know, last week was the ACD Games Day (their version of an open house). One of the big changes this year was the time of year — they usually do it in September, but had to move it to April because of the place they hold it. And this was a good move. ACD says there was an increase in the number of stores represented at the show. Last year, publishers donated for 150 store box giveaways, and this year we donated for 185. I don’t know the final number of physical people, but I heard it was over 400. If you are a retailer or publisher, you definitely are missing out on a good time. The folks at ACD know how to treat everyone well and are a good bunch of people overall.