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Impressions is a game distribution service company that handles the sales, shipping and warehousing for over 70 game publishers to 40+ wholesalers and 2,600+ retailers worldwide.

We are the longest running fulfillment consolidator in the hobby game industry.


Latest news from Impressions

Impressions Vidcast 29: Tradeshowing the Game

Richard and Aldo go over trade shows vs. consumer shows, in addition to reviewing the GAMA Trade Show from 2013 that just happened!

Impressions Shipping April 1st

ALL HAIL KING TORG!!!  (If you’re not familiar with the saying, check out the pic on the left…)

It’s been forever!  We’ve been busy with our industry trade show and were closed for some time getting ready, partying in Vegas and then organizing things upon our return.

With all of this, we give you 11 new releases and a ton of great restocks.

Check them all out here:  http://eepurl.com/Rnmor

Impressions Shipping February 25th

It’s crazy!  12 new releases are about to ship!  One of which is newcomer Neverpeak Games’ board game “We Are Dead” pictured at the left…and does that art look familiar?  It should!  All the art for the game is done by Mike Morris, the artist from “The Simpsons” TV show…now there’s a marketing hook!

Add to all of these new releases is a restock (4th Printing) of one of the best worker placement games out there — The Manhattan Project.  Take that game industry.

Prepare those shelves for some massive gaming sales.

Impressions Shipping February 4th

We love squishy dice.  Who wouldn’t?  Minion Games just came out with a whole slew of polyhedral squishy dice sets and they are now following up with a variety of six-sided themed dice.  We also have new releases from newcomers 9 Kingdoms and Vision3.

Impressions Shipping January 21st

Following up from their big sell out of Pixel Tactics 1 and 2 on day one, Level 99 Games brings you the daddy of all fighting games with BattleCON: Devastation.  Find out more about this latest release while at the same time checking out the cool new Squishy Dice from Minion Games.

Get all the details here:  http://eepurl.com/MzIin

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