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Impressions is a game distribution service company that handles the sales, shipping and warehousing for over 70 game publishers to 40+ wholesalers and 2,600+ retailers worldwide.

We are the longest running fulfillment consolidator in the hobby game industry.


Latest news from Impressions

Impressions Shipping August 30th

GRL3226Well, the vat of Gen Con releases keeps coming.  GRN002There are just too many to mention in detail…so, we’ll give you a taste with images of Grail Games new version of Reiner Knizia’s “Medici” and the game that sat on the BGG Hotness for weeks – “Council of Blackthorn” from Great Northern Games.

Check out all the details here!

Impressions Shipping August 16th!

VRG005Impressions Shipping August 16th!

We like to call this the Gen Con aftermath.  There are just a ton of new releases and new restocks going on right now.  It’s crazy!  Some of that craziness comes from Van Ryder Games and their “Saloon Tycoon” game…Named one of the ten best games at Gen Con 2016 by Paste Magazine.  Be prepared for this to sell out fast.S&D0029

There are just way too many to go over…Get your fill of all the details here!


Impressions Shipping July 12th!

S&D0062Impressions Shipping July 12th!

We have our own set of fireworks right after the 4th of July celebrations!  Get ready for 12 new releases and a whole vat of restocks.

MUH050360Take special note to Smirk & Dagger’s new incredible large group social game “Dead Last” and Modiphius with their new “Airfix” introductory wargame in a box.

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Impressions Shipping June 14th

TLG81252 Classic Monsters RevisitedImpressions Shipping June 14th

Looks like its the week of the RPG!  And that’s OK because some of these releases go hand-in-hand with Free RPG Day on June 18th.  Make sure you grab copies of the latest Troll Lord release, Classic Monsters & Treasures, while also getting the new softcover core book of the DCC RPG from Goodman Games!  GMG5070-DCCRPGRetailers participating in Free RPG Day through our Uber Kits have advance copies of this book inside to sell before it officially hits the streets.

Get all the details on these releases and more right here!


Impression Shipping May 17th

BAK007Impressions Shipping May 17th!

Impressions is now open in its new location…and now we’re back to whatGCG004 we do!  Check out Time Jockeys from Baksha Games, Avalanche at Yeti Mountain from Green Couch Games, Gulveig from Pendelhaven and much much much much much…(you get the picture)…more!

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