“Making Impressions on Your Customers”

Impressions is a game distribution service company that handles the sales, shipping and warehousing for over 70 game publishers to 40+ wholesalers and 2,600+ retailers worldwide.

We are the longest running fulfillment consolidator in the hobby game industry.


Latest news from Impressions

Impressions Shipping October 6th

L99-RES01Not only do we have two new releases from the folks at Level 99 Games, but take a special look at the restock of “Dead Men Tell No Tales” from Minion Games.



Impressions Shipping September 15th

POPDisplayJust like the packaging says: “Little Game.  Lotta FUN!”  You seriously must check out the Pack O Game line of games.  Not only are the games that can hold their own, but the theme surrounding the packaging will get your customers to stop and check them out.

Get all the details about the Pack O Game line and other releases here:


Impressions Shipping August 25th

New_Salem_Solicitation_ImageBJust when you thought the Gen Con wave of games was over…Hah!  We have tons more shipping out!

Take a special look at “New Salem” from Overworld Games.  This is their follow up to the big seller, “Good Cop, Bad Cop”.  These guy know their hidden identity games and New Salem will not disappoint.

Check out all the release details here:


Impressions Shipping August 11th

OneSheetforTheStuffofLegendAh, the joys of the aftermath of Gen Con!  17 new releases, 2 restocks and a partridge in a pear tree…

It’s just too crazy to try to summarize.  Check out all the details here:


Impressions Shipping July 21st

VRG003Shipments for this week includes, Hostage Negotiator from Van Ryder Games.  This a new ONE PLAYER game series from the makers of “Tessen” and “If I’m Going Down…”  Add to this some restocks on Manhattan Project: Nations and Pixel Glory, and we’re going to have a lot of releases contributing to the Gen Con wave coming in a couple of weeks!

Detailed information on all releases can be found here:

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